The Issues

Dropped Leelo off at school. He was a little bit clingy but seemed fine. We'll see how he is in two hours when I pick him back up.

Can I just say that this is the first morning in which I've had the house to myself since August 2003? There are visble waves of relief emanating from my roof, I am certain.


Ep, our highly-informed source for all things political, told us of a fabulous Clinton quote while we were away: "Democrats win when people think." He also said that Republicans win when people let emotions get in the way of the issues.

Make sure you're thinking clearly. Please follow the two very different links below for summaries of where Bush and Kerry stand. Then go and discuss them with any friends or family who may not have had the, erm, time to research this themselves.

Bush vs. Kerry at a Glance: MSNBC Summary

George W. Bush vs John Kerry: Independents for Kerry

Also: Though we often ridicule the French, they've got our candidates pegged. If our election was to take place in France today, Kerry would trounce Bush by a 13:1 margin. Merveilleux.

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