It Is 10:48 P.M.

And Leelo has been screeching, bouncing, and otherwise staying up for 90 minutes now. So far he has only stripped jammies and diaper off once. I just want to farking go to bed, but can't until he's down as one never knows what he will do if left alone--tear the doors off the cabinet of art supplies? Climb up onto my dresser and eat the organs from Iz's anatomy model? Get into the bathtub and turn the water on while fully dressed?

I will be grateful when this conference is over and Seymour's days do not end with him returning home at midnight and then leaving the house before 7 A.M.

Good news from this ungrateful, moany wretch--the friends who were supposed to come over tomorrow afternoon had a scheduling hiccup, and won't be visiting after all. I am both disappointed and relieved. However as I had made a special trip to Giddyap Girlie Creamery in The City this afternoon, I am now stuck with large quantities of spectacular cheeses...what to do, what to do?

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