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Mali is doing about the same as when I last posted. In the interim she got big wheezes and breathing difficulties, so she and I spent 24 hours traveling through the space/time distortions of the Stanffford ER/King's Road Hospital Stanffford Pediatric Satellite unit. Time truly has no meaning in such places--an hour will tick by with excruciating slowness, then three hours will pass in a blip.

Neither of us got much rest, because the pediatric unit stocks cribs and twin pull-out beds, not family beds. Co-sleeping Mali wants her mommy('s boobs) when she's ill, and so refused to spend any sleepy time on her own. Fine by me; I'll stay up all night indefinitely if it means the help my little bit needs is right outside the door.

Everyone was lovely and so nice, and the breathing treatments they gave our girl worked. She most likely has RSV, but not pneumonia. She's still got horrible chest congestion and coughing, and is not to be exposed to other kids until she's better.

Floor-scraping bows of thanks to Ep, Rook, and of course Seymour for stepping in and helping with the other two kids.

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