I am working on three big Posts (note capital P), in the meantime here's the froth from today/yesterday:

Leelo's new trick: If we are sleeping when he thinks we should be awake, he will run into our room and flip on the lights. Charming.

I have finally made a chore chart for Iz. The idea is that she gets stickers for doing chores (feeding the fish, making her bed, etc.), and that when the chart is complete she gets a Spin Art kit.

She immediately started charting other things in the house, for instance a chart about her brother's insipid Litttle People video (it is stuck in the VCR so it's the only video available), grouping the characters by color and name. One of the character has been classified as "infrared."

Last night I asked her not to put the covers over her bed when she sleeps, even if she's scared, as it will cause oxygen deprivation. She told me not to worry, that she had planted magical bushes under her sheets and that they would exchange her carbon dioxide output for new oxygen, and she'd be just fine. Right.

Mali is doing much better. She still has the "junky" breathing and coughing, still needs a1butero1 every four hours and antibiotics 2x/day (getting a teaspoon of antibiotic suspension into a 4-month old is fun for the whole family, let me tell you), but is happy and playful and sleeping well. I am supposed to keep her out of public places (restaurants, stores, schools) for at least another week, which means that after a week in the hospital with her I am now pretty much on house arrest and am going to go cuckoo. But perhaps I'll conquer those five mountains of laundry that were waiting for me when we returned from Stanffford. I am sad about missing Bad Moms coffee today, though.

Seymour is slightly better, he went back to work yesterday afternoon. Although he says now his other ear is hurting. Poor guy.

Off to give Mali a bath, hopefully the steam will knock some more of that phlegm loose.

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