What is up with all the illness lately?

Turns out that Seymour's eardrum was suppurating because it fucking RUPTURED. He put up with a week of pain and dizziness and not being able to hear out of that ear before going back to the doctor last night. Jeez.

(I think the lasagne that Ms. Jane brought by yesterday might help cure him, though. Thanks, Dearie.)

My pilot brother is barfing "black tar," according to my ex-ER nurse mom. She thinks he has an ulcer. He doesn't want to go to the hospital because he just payed off all of their bills, he doesn't have health insurance, and they're trying to buy a house. Sigh. I am going to call and badger him into going, as an emailed query brought back only a snarky reply about how "good news sure travels fast."

Did I mention that my dad just got diagnosed with leukemia? Still can't wrap my head around that one. It's chronic rather than acute, at least. They think it might have something to do with his career as an industrial solvents and degreasers salesman. Because he--dear man that he is--doesn't really perceive our reality, he considers the handicapped parking placard his doctor gave him (almost) worth the ordeal.

Iz is over at Blue's house again. Started with a play date yesterday afternoon, but when I showed up to fetch her--looking like shit and on the verge of implosion owing to Seymour's need to go back to the doctor in a scant hour--Blue's mom asked me what was up and I barfed out all the details about Mali's hospital week and Seymour's sickness and being at wit's end. She, being a model of Kiwi calmness, efficiency, and warmth, told me that she was keeping Iz overnight, and kicked my butt right back out the door.

I don't know how we can possibly thank, let alone reimburse, all the people who have been helping us this past week. Makes house arrest so much more tolerable.

Thankfully we've nothing scheduled this weekend. I might get around to picking up the roving dungheaps populating our house. And possibly may get something together so that we can have an intelligent discussion with the architects we're meeting on Friday.

Two happy bits:

A dear friend just announced that she and her partner are knocked up after almost 18 months of trying. Will announce who in a month or so. They are 12 weeks along as of Thursday.

Leelo this morning, grabbing my hand and trying to pull me out of the laundry room: "I want to go with Mommy!"

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