But All Is Not Shite

Just hired Therapist S! She starts on Friday. She will be Leelo's school aide for now, and then will take on some ABA therapy work in the summer. Yeah! Leelo's going back to school full time!

This leaves Monday afternoons totally open for our boy (heavens forbid). Except just this morning Speech Therapist Jude said she'll come do Mondays 3:00 - 4:00 at our house. Cool cool cool.

Also, Mali reverted to her regular sleep pattern last night (couple of nips, otherwise sweet sweet slumber).

Tomorrow my friend Anya is going to come to Bad Moms coffee. I suspect she is truly One of Us (in the Freaks sense).

Plus I listened to the CD Skip made for Mali, and the Sp0ngeBob soundtrack Jo gave Iz, and those always make me happy.

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