Babysitter C just called to cancel for tomorrow night. Second time in as many weeks. Last time she was ill, this time she has a meeting. We already switched from Wednesday to Thursday nights because she had so many no-shows on Wednesdays.

Now, I get so much help with the kids that I really shouldn't complain. But, see, Thursday nights are the only time someone minds Mali. They're also Seymour's sole source of guiltless free time (chess, poetry, biking).

I haven't had a Thursday night since I don't remember when. I believe C cancelled the week before Mali got sick, then Mali was in the hospital, then Mali was quarantined for two weeks, and these last two weeks C has cancelled yet again.

I am extremely sad and a little bit angry. I can't help it. I'm, as usual, exhausted. Just got off 36 straight lovely but enervating hours of family time, had to prep and schlep and serve snack for Leelo's school this A.M., have to help Iz finish her homework tonight (backlogged due to weekend away and grandparents' visit; she fights each page with the strength of Atlas himself), have to meet with the architects on Fri. (and was counting on Thurs. night prep time). Plus Therapist L just told me that she can't come Fri afternoon so I need to either find a 2:30 - 5:00 sitter for Leelo at our house or cancel the arch. appointment yet again. Grrrr.

Since C has overall about a 60% chance of working her scheduled nights, Seymour says we should look into hiring someone more reliable. But she really is the best babysitter on the planet.

I just wish Seymour and I weren't both such complete stress monsters. Then it would be no big deal to switch off minding Mali on those Thursday nights when we don't get help.

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