Fortune Favors the Moronic

That Firef0x issue? Forgot to clear my cache. Duh.

We have had several great responses to our ad for Leelo's new classroom aide. The candidate I want to start now is unfortunately going out of town this weekend and can't meet until Wednesday. Damn it, I hate waiting.

Mali, our wiggleworm who when put down somehow manages to get herself several feet from where originally placed, has entered a Really Great Sleeping phase. Goes down around nine, has a couple of snorts during the night because she sleeps with her face right next to the tap, is still sleeping as I type at 9:30 A.M.!

Iz was at Blue's house again last night. They keep insisting on taking her even though I offered to have the girls over here, even though I offered to take Iz and Blue out to dinner last night. I think they feel sorry for me--my frazzled unkemptitude makes me a good charity target, I've noticed. Maybe I'll stop brushing my hair altogether and revert to those pathetic dreads I sported for a brief period in college.

My mom and dad (and uncle and aunt) are coming for a visit at the beginning of next week. I'm also supposed to get a big package (site map, photos, writeup of our goals) out to the architects on Monday. And the house is trashed. And I need to do a big circular locational transfer of all the stuff the kids have grown out of and are growing into, which, with three kids, is a major effort. I may hire a teenager to come hold Mali for extended periods this weekend.

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