Going Begging

The search for a local pediatrician starts now. While my friend mb has found a doctor willing to delay or avoid vaccinations, said doctor is just far enough away for me to want to find someone more local. I have targeted two candidates in Deadwood Shores, but their receptionist won't let me talk to them unless I switch to their practice (fucker!).

I am going to write to them instead. Feedback on the letter below would be most appreciated.


Dr. Pediatrician,

I am writing to ask if you would permit my children to be seen at your office.

I have three children: a six-year-old daughter, Isobel; a four-year-old autistic son, Leelo; and a four-month-old daughter, Mali.

We love Leelo dearly, but do not wish to have another autistic child, and so are trying to eliminate risk factors for Mali. Specifically, we would like to delay her vaccinations until we know whether or not she has autism.

We are aware that pediatric vaccines no longer contain Thimerosal. Our research has brought us to question the vaccines themselves. Unfortunately, the vaccine/autism linking studies we have read are preliminary findings; they have not gone through enough trials to make definitive pronouncements. In the meantime, we are unwilling to gamble with Mali's neurological health.

Mali is a subject in the MIND Institute Infant Siblings of Autistic Children research program. She will be evaluated twice yearly, starting at age 6 months, so we should know her developmental status by age 24 months--—well before she starts preschool.

Again, we do want to get Mali vaccinated. We believe in the social contract [yes, I stole that from Julie] of immunization. But I hope you will agree that our circumstances warrant a modified approach.

Thank you for your time. I would be grateful if you would contact me no matter what your decision.


Squid Rosenberg

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