Firef0x Fracas

Was messing with the old blog settings last night, and now the blog won't appear in Firef0x, my browser of choice. Crap.

Heard from Therapist C yesterday, finally. She is still on her back with something that sounds more like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome than the flu, and gave us the go ahead to hire someone else. Fark. Ad went up yesterday afternoon.

Get to have coffee with the bad ass moms for the first time in three weeks! Yeah!

The other pediatrician to whom I sent the "please let my kids join your practice but don't vaccinate them" letter called to welcome us to her practice. I think we're covered. Time to jump ship.

We are cancelling our appointment with the architects tomorrow as Seymour is too ill and stressed. The craze/haze of the past few weeks means I'm not really ready, anyhow. But I am itching to meet these people, as they seem to offer everything we're looking for: sustainable design/green building, innovative aesthetics, repurposing of existing materials, smart space usage, etc. If we decide to build the whole thing out of straw and mud and stick a sod roof on it (interrupted only by transparent photovoltaic cell arrays and soffit windows), they'll not only be on board, but will be willing to help educate the planning officials and building contractors.

Uh oh, Mali's awake.

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