Oh, the Events of Yesterday!

Tuesdays are normally nuts anyhow, but yesterday was a Landmark Tuesday, that's for sure.

Woke up, did the morning panic dance for an hour, somehow Seymour and I got all the kids dressed and Iz to school. This despite Seymour's continuing dizziness, nausea, and lack of hearing in the affected ear. He is going to call his doctor today.

Returned home for Leelo's session with Therapist L. Which was fabulous. He demonstrated many of the shocking strides he's made recently, including spontaneous "Thank you, XX," climbing our kiddie rock wall (integrated limb movement plus planning ahead), giving Therapist L orders like "Climb the ladder!" and then crowing "You did it!," saying "I want to go blow bubbles"--and being able to do so if we hold the wand for him, "I want to go ride the bicycle, I want to go outside and play," etc., and continuously wonderful receptive language. He still only communicates about concrete concepts, still refuses to show initiative with potty training or even reporting of dirty diapers, but wow.

(Funny thing is, from a biomedical/DAN perspective, he's currently only on two supplements: probiotics and B12 shots. Makes me wonder if we should even mess with additional supplements, though I do think that, now that he's well, we really should put him back on Cod Liver Oil and multivitamins.)

His eye contact is slightly off, though. And he's starting to exhibit more typical autistic traits such as closing any open doors and drawers. Nothing worrisome.

Left a voicemail for Therapist C. She was supposed to start three Mondays ago (it's Wednesday), but called in sick her first day. Last we've heard from her was an email from her mom last Monday, saying that C had been at the ER as her flu symptoms had escalated, and that they'd contact us when she was better. I feel horrible calling her (like Ly1e L0vett the angry birthday cake baker from Short Cuts, says Supervisor M), but we need to do something as Leelo is missing a lot of school and getting out of his routine.

During Leelo's session, dearest Ep came over and held Mali so I could print out information for Dr. G, in anticipation of the afternoon's upcoming vaccines discussion for Mali. And also tidy the pigsty house in anticipation of miracle cleaner Marroqui's arrival (Marroqui whose brother Sal has the same ear-busting condition as Seymour, but worked through the whole thing as he's not allowed days off for illness).

Lunch. Leelo spent most of the non-dining portion of the hour sneaking into the bathroom and trying to catch our Frantic Fish. He's yet to succeed, but there'll come a day...

Therapist L returned for session two, and Mali and I took off for the confrontation with Dr. G.

The first part of the apointment went well, Her lungs are clear and we are free to once again shop, dine, and frequent schoolyards, although she's still not allowed to go in the nursery at Leelo's preschool. Next week. She is off of antibiotics as of yesterday. I am taking probiotics in the hope that she'll get some, too.

Then it was her (very late) 4 month check up. She's 25th percentile for length, 50th for weight, and 75th for noggin size. Definitely one of our kids. Short, squat, planetoid head. Doing everything she's supposed to. Not pushing up a whole lot, but then again her tummy time is < 5 minutes a day (if that) and is on soft carpets or beds. She's getting gingery eyebrows and her eyes are still bright blue.

He asked me if we'd started feeding her solids yet. I laughed, because even though she's 4.5 months old, I hadn't even thought about it. We'll probably wait until she's six months old.

The next part of the appointment was the loggerheading. I showed Dr. G my vaccine-questioning printouts, and let him know that I had done a lot of research on the matter. He didn't really listen to me or do more than glance at the printouts, but rather retrenched.

He (kindly but firmly) told me that if I didn't start vaccinating Mali within the week, that I'd need to move to another practice. He said he'd never in his professional career put off vaccinations for a child as long as he has for Mali, which I said I appreciated. He did agree to put her on a schedule of single doses, once per month, which was obviously a big concession for him. I told him I'd talk with Seymour and we'd make our decision within a week.

I do not in any way blame Dr. G for his stance. I wish he'd listened to what I had to say a bit more, but understand why he feels obligated to the herd. He doesn't have an autistic kid.

Then off to pick up Iz from school, and Danielle from her house, for Leelo's facilitated playgroup. Which I think went well--Therapist L is liberal with the treats for good behavior.

In between all of this, still frantically and not all that effectively trying to tidy the house.

Then we redelivered Danielle to her place, and two blocks later (and for the last time at that house, sniff) picked up Jo's Sophie for her and Iz's yoga class.

Ran errands during the 45 minute class. While dashing about town with Leelo and Mali in tow, Pediatrician M, to whom I had mailed the query below only yesterday, called to let me know that we would be welcome in her insurance-friendly practice. She herself believes in vaccinating, but also thinks that her role is to make sure parents are informed enough to make their own decisions. She is willing to delay vaccinations until we are comfortable with them. Yeah! Now Seymour and I need to have a conversation to finalize decisions.

Arrived back at the yoga studio to find Iz having a not great day, in terms of following directions. I think she's still stressed over Mali's week in the hospital and our generally crazy lives, plus she has had a cough for a few days. Her teacher thinks that Gumby Girl Iz is bored by the simple poses of the mixed age class and needs more challenge. Perhaps I'll post to the moms club and recruit victims.

Took Sophie, Iz, and the two non-chatterboxes over to JO AND MANNY'S NEW HOUSE! Everyone was there--Ep, Clyde, Badger, Rook, Seymour, Reverend Joan, and all associated kiddlings. We had tres leches cake and paraded around the house with musical instruments to make the spirits acknowledge the new regime.

While we were hanging and chatting, Leelo demonstrated his ceaseless need for vigilant supervision by sucking on a big piece of found BROKEN GLASS. He located it during the 30 seconds or so it took me to arrange myself so that I could see him while I nursed Mali. Thankfully it was not a sharp piece of glass, and he was not hurt, but GAAAAAAAH! I am really hoping he gets some common sense, soon. And I am grateful that his oralness has in general been on the decrease.

The party was just getting exciting when Ep and I (and Mali) had leave to attend a lecture by Amy Lan5ky, author of the book Impossib1e Cure. The subject of the book and the lecture was Ms. Lansky's son's recovery from autism using homoeopathy.

I knew very little about homeopath before the lecture--figuring it was all about channeling your energy or smelling happy "curative" smells--so I was intrigued to find out it has a somewhat scientific basis to it. It merits further investigation. Ep and I also got to snark (from the back row, naturally) about how both Ms. Lan5ky and her partner are computer scientists. Really? And they had an autistic kid?

Arrived home late late late to finally eat dinner (is there anything in the world tastier than Indian leftovers?), and realized that poor Seymour didn't hear me tell him that Leelo still needed dinner. Our boy awoke a few hours later, as expected, but thankfully was willing to go back to sleep after a good cuddle.

I think that's it.

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