Mali back in Hospital - doing OK but will be there for a stretch

Hi all - this is Seymour reporting at the behest of Squid, who cannot come to the blogosphere at the moment.

Mali returned to the King's Road Hospital Stanffford Pediatric Satellite unit Thursday morning. She developed a fever and her breathing became much more shallow and rapid. Overall she is doing fine, but upon review of her original x-rays the doctors felt she may have new-monia, which requires an IV course of antibiotics that will likely take about 3 days. Best case she could be home Monday. Squid has not left the hospital since Mali was admitted, so we're dropping by here and there with clothes, food and books.

As of 2 hours ago, the squid in question says Mali is acting much like herself and her breathing is much, much improved. Things are going in the right direction. Any locals who have some time should feel free to call her. She'd probably appreciate a bit of a chat. Call me for specifics.

(I'd hang out there more if I could, 'cept Leelo has a runny nose and is not really allowed in the kid's ward as a result. That and his normally charming Tazzmanian devill impersonations are not too compatible with oxygen sensors, IV's, etc. So, I head over there when I have someome to hang out with Leelo for a few hours)

Thanks for all your kind words and positive vibes from the comments - hopefully the next post will be from the Squidster herself, and not her lifelong partner and occasional impersonator.

Much love,


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