That long story is still coming. Not all that exciting, really. But I will get it down after I do the weekly laundry list. And then I will get down to transferring this blog to a generously offered space that I suspect will not eat up half of my posts.

Crazy week. Everyone has been sick. Therapist L had to cancel her last session due to illness, and Therapist C didn't start today as planned for the same reason.

Leelo has has a cold for the past five days. It's a particularly miserable one that has sent him spinning backwards, progress-wise. He's still able to communicate, but his spontaneous usage is in the toilet.

Mali is the one I'm most worried about. What is a cold for Leelo is bronchio1itis for her. She is getting A1butero1 4x/day via a teeny infant inhaler that she despises, and we have been told to take her straight to the Stanffford ER if her breathing becomes more labored or quickens, or if she stops eating well. We're also to check her torso every diaper change to see if her breathing is forced enough to delineate her ribs (another to-the-ER sign). The humidifier has been broken out, and is in our room. Think good thoughts for our wee one.

All this means week two of spring break will be quite dull for Iz, as Mali is supposed to take it easy. I had grand plans for Iz and myself on Friday, but Leelo was so unwell that we had to cut off his morning session (his last with Therapist F, *sob*), and cancel his afternoon sessions. Instead of a fun day with Mom, Iz got to hang out and watch her sick brother sleep on the couch. Then Pat the Cat took a bloody shit on my bed and so had to go see his Dr. in the afternoon (accompanied by all three kids--you can imagine the thrills).

At least Iz is somewhat able to amuse herself with with her newly declared avocation of Inventing. Yesterday she put together an ergonomic crayon holder using tape and even more crayons--and it works! I was less amused by her very effective bathroom door obstructer. She told me about that one after I'd already made a full-bladder run for the facilities.

Mali's latest thing is what Seymour calls "Peek a Boob." She's at that stage where she enjoys the fact that we're around almost as much as she enjoys nursing, and so stops several time mid-slurp to detach and give us a big gummer. She also finally figured out that it's her who is causing that rattle to make noise. Very amusing to watch her give it a shake, wait a second, shake it again, look astounded, and then really go for it. Yes, baby development is dull reading unless it's your baby, but I need to record such things for the benefit of the MYND institute folks.

Leelo, despite mostly crappy language, is doing some nice labeling generalizations. Saying "It's a schoolbus!" when one appears on the TV screen during Iz's umpteenth viewing of Mati1da, saying "It's green!" when the TeeVo main screen appears.

I am still recovering from yesterday. Forgot to turn on the alarm and so awoke at 7:10 needing to get me and three kids dressed and in the car by 7:30. Praise Seymour and Leelo's love of eating croissants in the car, it happened. We made it to Leelo's very successful OT appointment on time, and left at 9:00.

At 9:30 we had about half of the Iron Gate class, moms, and siblings over for a play date as today was a teacher in-service day. They stayed until 12:30, and we all had a faboo time. Very talented, helpful people. I am trying to get one of them, Anya, to come hang out with us bad moms. I think she's our type. She certainly kicks considerable ass in the kitchen--catered an entire celebration lunch at UU yesterday.

Merlin came over to play with Iz at 1:30. I was being slumpy and so let them watch as much Wallace & Grommmit as they wanted. Leelo was mopey all day and, as happens when he is sick, met any kind of negation with immediate forceful head-hitting. Charming. Plus he had diarrhea, which meant his butt got sore fast and all those diaper changes were accompanied by screaming.

I took the quartet to Mali's Dr. appointment, which took a very long time as they gave the little bit a full breathing treatment. Thankfully Ep showed up after her own elsewhere appointment to help with Iz and Merlin, the young hyenas (her term) in the lounge.

This is starting to bore even me, so let's just say I didn't enjoy taking all three of mine to the pharmacy and I got so freaked out about Mali's breathing that Seymour had to talk me out of a 2 A.M ER trip.

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