Location, Location, Location

Leelo is starting to get some spatial sense, starting to take notice of landmarks in town. This is very reassuring, and another step towards connecting him to the outside world.

On the way back from picking up Iz from school, I turned right at a certain corner whereas if we were going home I would have turned left. Leelo noticed this and, knowing that not going home rarely works in his favor, starting crying.

Smart boy, he was off to a combative though productive session of pediatric dentistry. No cavities for either kid; we will sedate Leelo if he needs a cleaning/teeth sealing. Iz lost three teeth almost a year ago and hasn't lost any more since; Dr. Idi says her lower teeth are really crowded, so for now it's best to wait and see if things will work themselves out a bit as her jaw gets bigger.

Later this afternoon as we were turning into the parking lot of a store that I will not name but whose logo is a red bullseye, Leelo spotted our favorite Indian restaurant 100 yards down the road. He started chanting, "I want naan bread!" Go Leelo go!

At the same time, Iz noticed that we were across the street from the A.S.S.

For those who do not live in Deadwood or have not read about this venerable establishment, that abbreviation stands for Adu1t Super Store, and is the source of much levity, e.g., "If you really need to take back that video, make sure you take it in the A.S.S." (New variations are always welcome.)

Iz has been pestering me as to why it is an adu1t store. I told her that it was full of adult books and videos, and that she would probably find them about as interesting as she currently finds many of the small-type doorstop grown up novels that Seymour and I read, and that most of them were about sex.

This prompted Danielle, whom I'd forgotten was also riding along with us, to ask, "What's sex?"

Whoopsie. Guess I'll give up that Auntie of the Year award, and should warn her mom JP.

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