Buried by Backlog

Buried by Backlog

Here is the thing about having the holidays and Iz's birthday and four solid weeks of relatives and friends visiting coinciding with one's husband needing to work late and one's children forgetting how to sleep before 11 PM and being on the team to start up a Special Ed PTA and unrelenting ant invasions and helming an intense phase of the remodeling process and working at a co-op nursery school: My real life gets backlogged.

This means that I am doing a shitty job of keeping on top of the things that really matter to me: Leelo's program, being a good partner, being a thoughtful parent, being an available friend, and correspondence.

While I have friends who manage schedules like mine in double portions and topped with even more crappity crap--while working--I have realized that trying to keep up with the superbeings in my life is not realistic for a mere mortal.

Here are the sanity solutions I am working on right now:

Recruiting mediocre friends
Everyone I know, everyone I love is far too capable. It makes me look and feel bad.

Nuclear holidays
We are not going anywhere next Christmas or Thanksgiving. People can come visit us in small controlled doses.

Putting Mali to preschool pasture
No Iron Gate for Mali next year. I love the school, but can't commit the time without committing myself--especially next year when and if we really do build our house. It's drop-kick drop-off Montessori preschool for you, my wee barnacle.

Any other suggestions are welcome, or stories of your own successes. Don't worry, I won't begin actively seeking mundane types for another week or so, so you're safe to contribute--for now.

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