Sad About Dad, Very Very Sad

Sad About Dad, Very Very Sad

My mom just sent out the latest on my dad. He had quintuple bypass surgery on his heart five years ago and has been battling leukemia for more than a year. Please think good thoughts.

Just to let you know that Dad isn't doing as well as we had hoped. He
is very short of breath, no energy, and having angina again like before his
bypass. We saw the Oncologist today and he is starting him on Procrit, a
red cell booster as he is so anemic. It will take about 6 weeks to show
improvement. His white count is still way too high so he is upping the chemo
pill. We are supposed to meet Auntie M and Uncle Adolf in Florida the 1st week of
March so will see how it all pans out. If the procrit doesn't do the job of
relieving his anemia he will have to start on regular blood transfusions.
He sees the cardiologist on Monday and now has a stenotic aortic valve.
Poor guy, he didn't need that. He may need surgery again but with all the
other risks, who knows if they will consider him a candidate. I will let
you know more about that after the visit on Monday. He is still working [limo driver] and
continues to enjoy that and I think it is good for him to keep it up. Will
let you know what the cardiologist says next week.

If anyone knows how to make blood donations in someone's name, please let me know. Also if anyone wants to make a blood donation in his name, thank you thank you thank you and please contact me.

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