Worried About Iz

Worried About Iz

Two things today:

She didn't want to put a jacket on top of her sweater because it made her look "fat." Calm discussion about different body types ensued, about how she is a healthy girl and only a doctor can tell you if you're overweight but, FUCK. I asked her if she has a reflexive negative reaction to overweight people, and she said, "Yes, but I know it's wrong."

She joined another child in unkindly chanting "Leelo go away! Leelo go away!" When his only crime was sitting in the wrong car seat. Not as calm discussion of family loyalty and the need to be her brother's champion even when it's hard ensued. She sobbed that, basically, she couldn't overcome the peer pressure.

I already wrote to the local snk parenting board, asking after therapists with experience counseling autism siblings, and came up with zilch. I am really starting to fret about my girl. She is at a watershed point in her emotional development, and needs some impartial support.

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