Too Grumpy

Too Grumpy

I do not like having a husband who has to work until 10 PM every night and then take the CalTrain home after that via his bike because his car broke down in an "and then parts started dropping out of the bottom" way last Thursday. I do not like that he has also been gone for the past two weekends. Even if his project is totally amazing. Long-term solo parenting makes me grumpier than fuck, and too sleepy to stay awake even during my ten minute morning bathtime reading quickie. I do not like that Leelo has been waking up at 5 AM most mornings. I do not like being fried when I am spending so much time alone with my kids. I do not like that my house is a shittier shitheap than usual. I do not like that I yelled at everyone this morning, and slammed the bathroom door in Seymour's face when he questioned my doing so.

I do like the idea of the sidecar that I will be rewarding myself with, once the kids are all in bed.

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