I Have Girls, Too!

I Have Girls, Too!

Iz and the Coelacanth

Dude, Iz got to touch a coelacanth during today's behind-the-scenes tour at the Steinhart Aquarium/Cal Academy of Sciences (Seymour arranged it, and we played hooky with her teachers' full blessings). The tours are something new they're trying out for their 2008 re-opening in Golden Gate Park, and ours totally kicked ass. It was as close to geek heaven as this fish nerd is likely to get. Someone even asked me if I was a fisheries biologist, so enthusiastic was I. Oh, and Iz had a good time, too--she totally held her own even though she was the only kid on the tour, and even knew things that the docent didn't (kind of like when we went to Año Nuevo to see the elephant seals and she schooled the guide on the Ohlone chert/obsidian trading system).

Iz With Burmese Python

This is Iz during her typically freeform and chaotic birthday 8th birthday party. Jenijen and her partner Corbie gave Iz a snake and critter show for her birthday, and it ruled. If you live in the Bay Area, you simply must hire Corbie for your kid's next party. He does Mad Science parties, too, and his dry ice in a bucket of water demonstration may have been the party's highlight.


Iz, ever on the invention warpath, has invented the Flossomatic for people like her who dislike cleaning between their teeth.

When Children Dress Themselves

We have demanded that Iz start picking out her own outfits now that she's eight. I don't get why she hasn't shown more interest; many of her friends have been doing so since before they could talk. Anyhow, whoops. Maybe not such a good idea.

Mali Fashion Plate

Mali the fashion plate. With her hair contained. She is two with a vengeance, has a bucket of "no" in each hand, and might get dropped of on the doorstep of the next person who tells me how cute she is.

Crazy Hair Mali 2

With her hair not contained. Poor baby.

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