Want Another Hit?

Want Another Hit?

Our main holidaze 2006 gifts to friends and family were mix CD's. I really like this year's set and feel very comfortable telling anyone who doesn't to fuck right off.

This year's mix is remarkable for being contemporary--almost every song is from the last two years. About half of the tunes were sent my way by Seymour; a few of the others came via Captain Blog and Skip and SJ, and the rest fell through the cracks of my cave's ceiling and onto my head. Not everyone got the same set, but the core was:

Sweep Down Early ~ The Innocence Mission
Cordial Invitation ~ Giant Drag
C + F ~ Sam Prekop
The River Shade ~ Radar Bros.
Happy ~ Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins
Former Hero ~ Heikki
Just a Thought ~ Gnarls Barkley
Crazy (Live Lounge) ~ Nelly Furtado
Jack Soul Brasileiro ~ Lenine
Veneno ~ Luis Vargas
Beykat ~ Youssou N'Dour
Lazy Lover ~ Brazilian Girls
A Waltz for a Night ~ Julie Delpy
Prelude In A ~ The Innocence Mission
Dawn ~ Various Artists

Julie Delpy's song is not really that great, but if you've seen her perform the original version in its original context, then you know that the only two other cases in which desperately inappropriate love has reached such cathartic heights were "BSG's Unfinished Business," and Buffy's "Smashed." I do believe people take smack to feel the way I felt after those three shows, and that song is as close as I'm going to get for now. At least until Seymour gets home from another late late night at work...

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