Warning: Brain May Explode Tomorrow

Warning: Brain May Explode Tomorrow

Yay, first day back to school, post-winter break! I have been ready to drop-kick my darling children back to class since, oh, Monday December 25th. So tired already due to overload that, I have discovered, is not all that interesting even to people who happen to be my mother. Regardless, I am not quite sure if I'm going to make it through tomorrow without redecorating our walls with jellied brains. Cross your fingers for me.

  • 7:45 Get all kids dressed fed and out the door by this time as Seymour has agreed to both drive Leelo to school and do Iz's carpool because
  • 8:00 Meet with Fire Dept. so they can see our revised plans that will allow our house to not burn down as much in the case of a fire and whose approval we cannot go to Design Review without
  • 9:00 Work Iron Gate with Mali
  • 11:30 Iron Gate is over. Hope to God that JM doesn't have any problems picking up Leelo from school and bringing him to Iron Gate along with her daughter Alyx (Alyx's sister Clara is in Mali's class)
  • 12:00 Pillage The Hole for foodstuffs as it is my once-yearly duty to provide food for the Iron Gate night class and I'm sure as fuck not cooking anything. I have faith in my good taste where purchased treats are concerned, and will not feel guilty that I chose to buy rather than bake. Feel grateful that co-feeders are JP and LB, both of whom know what to do.
  • 12:30 Leelo speech therapy with Sage after two weeks off
  • 1:00 Drive home and prep Leelo for session with Therapist L. Maybe lunch for me and Mali? Ensure that Mali doesn't fall asleep, too--I need her to nap later. Call CS to ensure that she will be picking up Iz from school and keeping her for a bit.
  • 1:30 Leelo Home Therapy Session with Therapist L.
  • 1:45 Drive downtown and hope like hell that Mali chooses to sleep now as I haven't been able to find anyone to mind her during the
  • 2:00 Design Review down at the County offices. This is the big meeting: if we get approval, we get to build. If the neighbor who--as we just found out last week--has five square feet of yard underlying our driveway chooses to come and make a stink despite the fact that we offered to show them our plans/chat with them several times over the last week, then we could have a delay. Ignorant derailing dickheads are always a possibility even though we put notices in all our neighbors' mailboxes inviting them to an open house this weekend for anyone who wanted to see our plans or model or ask questions about our intentions.
  • 3:30 Hope that the DR doesn't last until now otherwise I'll have to send Seymour home to watch Leelo as this is when Therapist L gets out and I've not been able to find anyone to watch Leelo either and it's not as though I can just ask someone randomly as my son had been assaulting everyone who comes near him during the last two weeks.
  • 4:00 Marroqui arrives to clean house. Which I don't see how I'm supposed to tidy beforehand unless I do it now and I am exhausted. Someone ideally will go get Iz at some point.
  • 5:00 Prep Iron Gate food, feed kids, fill hip flask.
  • 6:30 Babysitter K arrives to watch kids so I can go set up for Iron Gate night class as Seymour needs to work
  • 7:00 Iron Gate night class. I am soooo bringing my computer!
  • 10:00 Class over. Go home, hope like hell that all the kids are asleep and that I can go right to bed.

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