Our House Design Got Approved! Sort of!

Our House Design Got Approved! Sort of!

Apologies for excluding the most important point from the last post's house design ramblings. We got approved! Conditionally, that is. As I recently wrote to Ep:
It's conditionally approved, pending approval (verbal already given) from the CDF (Fire) with regards to both design and grading; future approval of our grading plan (we've been told it will be no problem but it is a separate meeting); walkpath/easment exchange approval which is still waiting for the sewer re-survey to be submitted (tracking down surveyor, no idea why he hasn't resubmitted already) before it can go up for its second Board of Supervisors meeting for approval, perhaps next month; assuming no one appeals as they have 4 - 6 weeks to do so but an official appeal costs $400. So, approved but conditional.
Both bored and confused? Me too. Basically, it would be silly in a moderate-to-low risk way to start big-ticket next steps like designing the construction documents, but we feel safe enough to initiate fun next-step tasks like selecting appliances. I'm going to be eBaying like it's 2001, baby. There is absolutely no reason anyone should walk into an appliance showroom and pay retail when your friend The Internet is willing to help. Reconditioned is the way to go.

Time to go get Mr. Leelo. I haven't been able to write much about him because he is having such a tough time recently and thinking about it too much makes me cry, but he is still the world's cutest little mop-head and snuggler and I am grateful to Babysitter K for watching Mali this morning so I can go spend some one-on-one time with Leelo before today's Leelo team meeting. He loves that.

I do wonder if Leelo would be doing better if he was an only child with a less-busy mom. How's that for a rider on an otherwise innocuous post about stupid house stuff!

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