Iz Rules the (Spelling) World

Iz Rules the (Spelling) World

*brace yourself for some extreme bragging*

Iz came in third in the spelling bee. Third among 240 3rd - 5th graders, third among the twelve classroom reps who competed today. The first and second placers were in 5th grade, so that means she beat the entire 3rd and 4th grades, and 96% of the 5th grade. And she is the youngest student in a school populated by some of the smartest kids in town.

Her teacher called me during the school day (this has never happened before) to let me know how proud the teachers were of Iz. The teacher said that the audience was cheering and hollering each time Iz got up because our girl was "...so little and cute and smart."

Iz is feeling pretty damn good about herself, I must say. And I supported her right to brag to me all afternoon long. Later on we had a conversation about how she was fully justified in declaring herself an excellent speller--if asked or provoked--but that random and tangential bragging would be a social irritant.

I guess I can stop worrying about whether or not she's really ready for her school. I could write down all sorts of additional qualifications or reservations but instead will settle for simply being really fucking proud.

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