Letter to Supervisor M

Letter to Supervisor M

Hi M,

Wanted to let you know that I spoke with both Ulla (Alyx's mom) and Therapist L, and that they are both in favor of continuing the Wednesday faciliated playgroups. Ulla says that Alyx has no problem letting her know when she is either uncomfortable or doesn't want to do something. So that is reassuring.

Also, I am as you might suspect fairly upset about the way Leelo's incident at school was handled, especially as Seymour and I were never included in any of the school's discussions or decisions, merely informed. Though I am very grateful to you for being so proactive with regards to B.I. and the behavioral plan.

Even though my instinct is to throttle everyone involved in the incident and aftermath, I suspect that approach won't exactly help our position. Instead I would like to talk to the principal and the K teachers about what my friend Dee suggested, about making this "a teachable moment about giving someone the benefit of the doubt, even if he pushes you..." Also I can volunteer to go into the classes to read the kids books like Ian's Walk and Andy and His Yellow Frisbee, and donate copies to the classes. What do you think?

Finally, Seymour and I were already wondering what the hell Leelo is doing in that class. (I know this has been your take for some time.) Not necessarily because of the instruction or supervision, but because Leelo isn't really like the other kids in his class. They are all either conversationally verbal, have conversational receptive language, are potty trained, or all three. I don't see how the staff could address Leelo's needs with respect to the majority's needs. And I am sick of seeing worksheets coming home that were obviously done for him.

My friends have suggested we look into the county classes. Seymour and I are wondering about private schools. Jersergirl suggested that I contact Supervisor Andil to ask about private schools on the peninsula, but I wanted to first ask you if you'd already done that before we looked at schools last yet. ALSO is not an option because they don't take kids at the K+ level who aren't somewhat conversationally verbal.