Body Inventory

Complexion: somewhat cleared up! Hurrah! At least most of the massive red patches are gone.

Facial/nose bloating: mostly gone. I almost have my regular nose back. Hi, nose! I missed you.

Numbness/carpal tunnel: also almost gone, except some lingering numbness in the tips of my ring fingers--and who cares about those particular digits, anyhow.

Udders: soft again, seem to be quite functional. Very relieved that the boulders have left town. Although I'd forgotten for the second time how long it takes for one's nipples to toughen up. I don't understand how such a tiny, soft mouth can rasp my skin so raw. While they aren't cracked or bleeding, and I am grateful for that, it's still going to be a while until I can let her latch on without making a Marc Anthony face.

Tummy: Still quite poochy, but who cares. It's only been a week. Although my stomach and udders together give the impression that I've three large pears dangling from my front.

Belly Button: Poor dear! The ligation incisions were made on its top and bottom. They form a nice capital "I" scar when paired with the old vertical incision from my laparoscopic ectopic repair job. And then there's the belly ring piercing holes which, after 14 years and 3 pregnancies, make the whole affair look like it's topped by a sideways umlaut. It'll take a while for things to get to a point where I can truly survey the damage, but I don't think that area is every going to qualify as sexy, or indeed anything other than a battlefield.

Ligations: Mostly healed, although they ache if I stand up or stay out for too long. The right side one--the former ectopic side--is particularly twingey. I will ask my Dr. if there were any funky adhesions or other goodies that she had to deal with.

Ankles: Swelling, gone! Yeah!

Hands: Swelling greatly diminished. Regular rings back on.

Wrists: Yellow marks from all those IV attempts (they got two out of four right) on the wane.

Summary: Feeling very much like myself again, anticipating full return to former self--the self who isn't continuously putting absorbent pads all over her body--by Xmas. The poochy belly will probably be a holdout, as I'm not allowed to exercise for a bit longer.

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