Not That Bad

Even though I am in grouchyfuck mode, I am not as pissy as the previous entry would lead a person to believe. Shellshocked and overwhelmed, sure, but neither dour nor pessimistic.

I suspect that 2nd & 3rd trimester and breastfeeding hormones are like uppers to me. I haven't felt truly down at all while these free little mood boosters have been in plentiful supply.

For instance, yesterday's list of ills didn't make me angry or depressed, even though it apparently read like the preface to Doomsday. I was more amused by how every single item got completely fucked up. And I didn't even include how Leelo missed two therapy sessions yesterday, one because of the surgery and the second because Therapist L called it off in a voice that, over the telephone, sounded like she was trying to breathe through wet towels.

I am interested in hearing whether anyone else has experienced this kind of hormone high. I don't remember it from the previous pregnancies/nursing periods, but then again we didn't have so much drama in our lives during those times.

Today is a happy day in general. Mali slept from midnight until almost 7 A.M., and is asleep right now. Leelo is at a park with his dad, my mom graciously offered to go do the grocery shopping, and Iz went to the Nutcraquer with her godparents. I am going to go do frittery piles o' household crap management, with glee and gusto.

Have a good weekend.

P.S. I am bummed about not going to Badger's groovy party tonight, but I'm just haven't rejoined the real world to that degree or headspace. Have a faboo time, self-proclaimed freaks!

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