Trio Update

Mali is such a good baby so far. Sleeps all the time, eats every three-four hours, doesn't even spit up after she eats, has only killed one or two outfits with poop explosions.

Last night she was awake and continuously hungry from 10 to midnight, and I found myself mildly annoyed at her inconveniencing me this first time ever (I wanted to go to sleep). Selfish, ungrateful mommy! Especially since she then slept until 5:30 A.M., had a quick meal, and then slept through until 9:30. Is this even possible? I keep fretting that her mellowness and only eating every three-four hours must mean that something is wrong, that something bad is going to happen because no one gets this kind of luck with a baby otherwise.

Seymour had turned up the heat in the house, making a cozy cozy environment in which everyone who wasn't me or Mali still slept in until at least 8:30, even Leelo. And we were supposed to meet poor Ep at the Cafe at 10:00. Whoops! We got there eventually.

Iz somehow got turned onto Bob Ross's Joy of Painting. Gack. She is absolutely fascinated, and will loop the one half-hour segment she TeeVo'd endlessly if allowed to do so. We rented Yellow Submarine and are hoping that she'll take to it instead.

Leelo is really having a rough time in all areas except preschool, where he is doing beautifully and really excelling in all the areas we're focusing on (spontaneous language, spontaneous responses to adult/child requests such as a "high five").

Because Leelo's language use has decreased while his sensory needs and spaciness have increased rather markedly, Seymour and I have decided to forego the B12 trial series we were about to do. We'll instead start his antifungal/gut dysbiosis treatment, as this is the only area in which we've really ever seen a difference in his behavior.

We consulted with Dr. P, who had no problem with our rearranging Leelo's treatment sequence. Starting Monday or Tuesday, after Seymour consults with Dr. P one last time, we will take Leelo off all of his current supplements, sugar, and simple starches. We will then put him on new and more powerful probiotics and digestive enzymes, as well as Amphotericin (a hardcore anti-fungal) and Uva Ursi (a natural, non-systemic antibiotic). I suspect our boy might be on this low sugar/starch diet indefinitely. Sigh. But then I really can't complain too much; it's certainly several degrees easier than giving up gluten.

Jo has asked that I post newborn pix of all three kiddlings for her to compare. Here you go:

Here is Iz. This is from six years ago, folks. A digital camera with 640 x 480 resolution was a big deal then.

Mr. Leelo, looking sleepy for probably the last time in his life.

Sweet Miss Mali.

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