The Corrections

(Which, by the way, I have heard is by far the most putrid example of self-important whine-soaked pretentious NY-style fiction to dribble from the anus of the publishing world in the last few years. But I digress.)

Turns out that the $800 bill I got from that minerals testing lab was not entirely legitimate. If you pay up via credit card, the charge is only (only!) $255. Which we expected. If they have to bill you, and you pay by check, then you get to tack on $575. Jaysus.

I called and confirmed that they did have the correct credit card number, so they admitted that they may have transposed a couple of numbers while typing, and charged us the lower amount. Breathing easier now. Let's hope the hospital, which just sent me a $1300 bill for my Mali hospital stay, is open to similar adjustments.

Today should be a good morning. My mom got Mali to sleep in the bassinet downstairs. Leelo is with Therapist F. I called up Jo and bullied her into taking Iz for the morning. Off to clean clean clean! Tidy tidy tidy! So then I can relax relax relax. No, I haven't been reading/watching too much Eloise, oh no.

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