I am exhausted after merely going out for Thursday coffee at the cafe. But, even with all this help, I have to remember that it is difficult to resume one's life days after both giving birth and having major surgery, especially when one is sleep deprived.

A short entry then, instead of more hospital details.

We had to take Mali into our pediatrician on Monday because the hospital's pediatrician thought she might be slightly jaundiced, and wanted her bilirubin levels rechecked within 24 hours. The very informative hospital pediatrician also told us that there is a new version of the Hepatitis B vaccine normally given to newborns. It is a combo vaccine given at two months.

So, we called Dr. S, the homeopath/traditional pediatrician combo we'd like to move to. She is a solo practitioner, and is out of the office until Dec. 5. Shit. Then I thought, hey, we've not yet had our official no-we-won't-give-vaccinations break up with our current pediatrician, the otherwise wonderful Dr. G. Let's go see him!

And we did. And Dr. G's associate Dr. C agreed that we could wait until Mali's two-month checkup to do our first vaccinations. We get to spin our wheels, pediatrically, for 8 more weeks! This means we'll only pay out-of-pocket costs for Dr. S for a month or so before we're allowed to switch to our insurance's PPO and have her covered. A big relief, as Seymour hasn't quite finished doing all his vaccinations research.

Which reminds me, we need to give Mali her first oral vitamin K dose today. Although when she went to get her bilirubin levels retested, the technicians had trouble getting enough of a sample because her blood clotted so quickly, which to me means hemorrhagic disease is unlikely.

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