Happy New Year!

I predict that the new year will be clearly defined by my descent into insanity. This prediction is based on my parents' intended departure date: tomorrow.

I think I'd be fine if it wasn't for the continuous fucking ant invasions. And Leelo's resuming getting nekkid every time I take my eyes off of him for more than 60 seconds.

Happy New Year to the rest of you, though.


Leelo last night, running up to me and attempting to forcibly eject Mali, who was nursing: "Bye-bye, Baby!" It begins...

Poor Mali has an icky cold, which means lots of loud congested breathing on her part, and breath-holding on mine. I hope this passes quickly. I am not good with sick babies, especially since Leelo was always always sick and always on cold medicine and antibiotics and that's a trigger scenario one reads about quite a bit when cruising the autism boards.

Mali also got her baby acne smack-dab on schedule (it's supposed to erupt at 4-5 weeks). Even with a big old rash, she looks darling. Perhaps I should wash her face one of these days; I've heard that that helps.

I have decided that Iz doesn't have to complete all the daily diarying on top of all the other homework she was assigned over the break. We did as much as we could, given the holidays and new baby and visitors visitors visitors and mini flu epidemic. That will have to be good enough. I refuse to stress her or me out about this, especially since last break's extremely labor-intensive diary was returned to Iz without a single mark--good or bad--on it.

I have also told her that she can read whatever books she wants for the Principal's Reading Club log they sent home with her over the holidays. Because I'm fucked if she's going to get credit for reading a lame-assed Arthur book in Spanish but not for reading Ramona the Pest in English. The reading log, unlike her homework book log, doesn't specify which language the books need to be in.

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