Happy Holidayses!

Jo came over and took our holiday photos this year. I hope she won't mind me posting our final selection--it came out so splendidly, and she did such an excellent (and fast!) job.

Mali was awake more today. But she's asleep right now so I think I'm going to go in a minute, too.

Leelo had a rough end to his day. He got mad at me and Seymour both when we tried to put him down. Seymour finally figured out that the boy's angry about the new baby, especially her getting to sleep in our bed, and us holding her all the time. That, and we tried to get him to eat scrambled eggs for dinner. But he was very sad, alternately crying for us and then pushing us away. We spend a good long time just hanging out with him, telling him we were there and that he was our boy, and stroking his hair/back. He seemed to calm down and go to sleep after a while. Poor little bit.

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