Iz and Leelo Re: Mali

I know you all probably want birth details, but right now I'm short on time (my mom is staying in this room but is in the shower at the moment) and so will have to cut and paste what info I have already written for outgoing email. Birth gore later, appropriately enough on this, Mali's actual due date.

Iz is soooooo happy to be a big sister. Unbelievably so. But her excitement is translating into a lot of missed sleep and later nights and extraordinary grumpiness, so we're trying to be better about that. This being the first day of Advent is helping a wee bit, as she has an Advent box with 24 tiny drawers and correspondingly sized treats to look forward to and be reminded of whenever she needs an, erm, incentive.

Leelo is mostly aware that he doesn't get to spend as much time with me as he usually would. Lots of "Mommmy mommy mommy I want mommy," but I can't spend all that much time with him because he is too heavy for me to pick up and too unpredictable to snuggle with--he might head-butt me right in the sutures. I am trying to spend time reading books with him while he's sitting on a chair or stool.

This morning he came running into my room while Mali was having her morning meal, and I told him to look, that I was feeding baby Mali. "Mali Mali Mali Mali Mali!" he said, jumping up and down. So I think he's somewhat aware.

Again, mas este tardes.

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