Silent Night

Flu for everyone except Seymour & Mali (can you say "obsessive hand washing")
+ New baby
+ Holidays
+ My parents and all three of my brothers and their families for said holidays
no posts.

In other news, Mali had her one-month checkup yesterday. The doctor pronounced her strong, healthy, and perfect in every measurable way. At 8 lbs 11 oz, she has gained 1 lb 7 oz since her post-partum dip to 7 lbs 4 oz.

She is still a little beetle, making funny insect-movements if you stick her on her back. And she hasn't yet stopped with the chuffy little cough when she's mad and hungry. Stayed awake for a good long while today; I suspect this is the beginning of the end of the easiness that comes with an incredibly sleepy newborn. Sigh.

Have not finished making or wrapping Xmas gifts yet, so off I go. Have a Merry Xmas, or at least a merry work holiday.

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