Not the Day to Buy a Lottery Ticket

That lady who drove into the side of our new minivan yesterday while my mom was graciously driving Leelo home from speech therapy? All the insurance and ID info she gave my mom was fake. (No one was hurt and the car is still driveable.)

That certified letter that the post office keeps telling me to come get? Today I went there for the second time and they couldn't find it--again.

That trip my sister in law and Seymour's parents were going to take to the East Coast for Xmas? Cancelled because my poor sister-in-law, whose eardrum ruptured right before Thanksgiving, got another ear infection and can't fly. They called to ask about spending Xmas with us--in my house where already all three of my brothers and their families will be present.

That follow-up bilirubin test Mali was supposed to take today? When I called up Dr. G's office to ask about it, he actually got grumpy with me. I've never heard/seen him get grumpy. Must have been an interesting week in his office. I only wanted to know why, if Mali's current bilirubin levels do not present any danger to her (his words), he wanted me to stop nursing to bring the bilirubin levels down. He wanted to know why I was calling if I wasn't concerned, when in fact I being diligent--he'd told me he wanted me to follow up in a week or two.

That FedEx package from Seymour's mom that was supposed to be here by 8 A.M.? (Important to her, not me.) It arrived at 5:00. We are in some sort of postal delivery black hole. Unless you count UPS parcels--four more enormous ones arrived today.

That Iron Gate meal that was supposed to be delivered tonight? I've not heard a word from the responsible parent, and it's 10 minutes until dinner time. Good thing I only threw out the skanky leftovers--we've still plenty of edible ones.

Ah well, there is still plenty of my mom's homemade shortbread to work through.

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