Nice Leelo Items

Today Leelo ate his multigrain pancakes, with gusto. They did have butter and a few drops of syrup on them, but I'm guessing we can throttle that back or add blueberries or raspberries to them instead. He used to eat those gawdawful gfcf pancakes plain, so there's precedent.

He has been giving lots of thoughtful eye contact today, and soliciting interactions with people a lot--something I didn't realize he hadn't done in a while. It may have been spurred by a visit from Clyde, whom he adores, but regardless he spent a good long while giving people hugs, and then coming up to all the adults in turn and offering us his "chewy," at which point we all pretended to chew on it and he was greatly amused.

There are great rafts of crap piling up all over my house and they are driving me fucking nuts. Whenever I clear one pile another erupts in its place shortly afterwards. I think I need to leave the house for a while and get some exercise, so that things like this don't send me over the edge. Perhaps tomorrow while both of the older kiddlings are in school.

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