Wiped, Again

Ack, I am wiped. The new baby elation hormones are spent. Hence no posting. Also I am soaking up new baby sweetness a lot (i.e., stuck in the nursing chair not wanting to move for fear of waking the sleeping baby).

Mali continues to be wonderful. Still sleeping well, awake more now. I am savoring every easy sleepy moment, as even wakeful easy babies are more work than sleeping ones.

She had another appointment with her traditional pediatrician, Dr. G, yesterday, to check on her jaundice levels. He suspected that she's got breast milk jaundice, and said if her bilirubin was above 15, he'd want me to stop nursing for 24 hours while substituting formula, to help her bilirubin levels drop. She tested at 14.9. We're going to stick her out in the sun a lot and check her levels again in a week.

Leelo is on his new anti-fungal regimen as of two days ago. He'll be spending 5 weeks off all supplements except Amphotericin (antifungal), Uva Ursi (antibacterial for his gut), Phenol Assist (dietary enzyme) and Therabiotic (probiotic). We've also cut his sugar down, and are cutting out all simple starches--whole grains only for our boy. Thankfully the new Hole Foods carries whole wheat croissants.

His diet is still so limited--of the foods he's allowed to eat, he will only accept almond butter sandwiches, croissants, veggie booty, bananas, and cheerios. Tonight he ate dried raspberries, a former favorite, but that's no guarantee he'll still be eating them tomorrow. We're going to see if he'll eat multigrain pancakes, the hope being that he'll get eggs that way and we can also hide things like shredded carrots or blueberries in the mix. I'm also going to give guacamole another shot. And I'm starting to think a consult with a dietician/nutritionist might not be a bad thing.

Iz is Iz. She's having increasing pain-in-the-ass moments, which I suspect are due to less sleep with Grandma around, and my frequent absences during the usual school morning routine.

Seymour goes back to work on Monday. Sigh. He will be relieved to escape from this madhouse.

And that's about all the cataloguing I can do for tonight. To sleep or rest. Have a good weekend.

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