Addendum 10 hours later

Okay, okay. Jo and Ep slapped me around for that last one. I can never properly write out my thoughts anyhow. Part of why I'm more a lurker than a joiner. But:

I want Iz to enjoy her abilities, rather than use them as competitive tools. I don't want her to get freaked out when she meets someone who matches or exceeds her skills or knowledge--I want her to be excited that she's found someone to learn with or from.

And I surely don't want to beat the confidence out of her--her self-assurance is amazing and I respect it even though it's foreign to me. I hope she retains it through puberty--she's going to need it if she inherits my twin rockets along with that awesome Portuguese butt her dad already gave her.

In conclusion: If she's going to be a smart-assed little shit, she'd better have the chops to back it up. That's all.


Leelo is sitting next to me, mushing up playdoh. He just turned to me and said "The playdoh is yummy!" Good: Totally spontaneous. Bad: Full of gluten.

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