Saddest Boy

Leelo really, really dislikes his new food choices. Spends much time seeing how much of them he can throw on the ground before we'll intervene. He approaches his meals listlessly, and sits there with an expression suggesting that he's awaiting electroshock therapy. Sad, sad boy.

Sure makes him talk a lot, though. He's been saying words we didn't even know he knew, like "yogurt?" or "watermelon?" Too bad we can't reinforce him on these. Retired ABA therapist extraordinaire JM says we should reinforce him verbally for using the language, but explain to him that he can't have what he's asking for. Sigh.

One bright spot: He will eat guacamole without lime juice in it. So, we have greenness and nice fatty goodness for our boy. Two big missing pieces of the otherwise rice-bread green-apple and nut-butter puzzle. Still trying to figure out additional menu items--he likes NOTHING.

Dark spot: Amazake rice shakes are so "naturally sweet from the rice" that they have 30g of sugars per 8 oz serving. Fuck! All the yeasties in Leelo's gut were probably ecstatic for the reprieve. Still figuring out the intricacies of label-reading--none of the rice shake's listed ingredients are sugars, and it didn't occur to me to review the percentage/by weight breakdown for discrepancies. Bastards.

This past weekend has me so wiped that I have to be careful not to sit down too long lest I fall asleep. More coffee!! Details later.

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