Tried sunflower butter as a peanut-butter substitute today. Leelo seemed to like it better than almond or cashew butter. It is a strange ochre color, though. Looks like an MRE component. Tastes OK.

Two days without sugary treats has resulted in almost no wackiness, and sentences, such as: "I want to play in the water!" Also Therapist F reported that, in reading his Very Hungry Caterpillar book, he told her "I like pears!" (Reasonable enough. He does like to steal them from the grocery store shelf and hurl them on the ground.)

Great news! Therapist L, who was my gut-level first choice over flighty and cursed yet slightly more experienced Therapist E, wrote back tonight and said that she is indeed available. However she has also been hired by another family in the interim (makes sense, she is darling) so I don't know if our availability will work out for her. Crossed fingers again. Waiting anxiously for her to call/write back.

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