Apparently the sugarless eggless soyless yeastless version of the casein free/gluten free diet is even more fun than the basic version. Have spent much time today flipping through Special Diets for Special Kids and going "urk?" The regular CF/GF diet looks like the land of milk-substitute and honey from my perspective.

Also, Whole Foods simply doesn't stock CF/GF yeast-free bread, so we get to make it ourselves. In the fancy bread machine that Seymour guilted me into buying two years ago when I jettisoned our original machine after determining that it hadn't been used for more than four years (and guess what--this will be the new machine's maiden voyage!).

Forgot to mention that, at the beginning of the first ABA training session last week, I went around and asked Leelo "who's that?" for every attendee. He correctly said "that's XXXX" for each of the fourteen. Go Leelo GO! This is in keeping with his general approach to communication--he can do just about anything if prompted. Tonight I showed him a picture of a duck and said "Duck says..." He said "Quack Quack!" which I've never heard him do before. So what if a typical child would have done this a year ago--I'm excited as hell.

Speaking of typical kids, ever-amusing Iz was hanging out with us this A.M. while we were pushing Leelo in the swing. Pat the cat came by. Isobel said "There are five persons out here!" I said "Is Pat a person?" Iz laughed, and corrected herself: "There are five MAMMALS out here." Go Iz GO!

Keep forgetting to register for my Spanish class (will finally do it! Will finally get past that mental barrier beyond which lies the ability to discriminate between ser and estar!). The idea being that when Iz starts Spanish immersion kindergarten a year from now I won't be totally useless to her.

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