Dietary checklist: As of today, Leelo is off:
-processed sugar/high sugar foods

His behavior (as a result? we think so):
-no running in circles
-no "neh-neh-neh-neh" gibberish bouts
-better focus

Therapist L hasn't called back yet. Therapist F leaves for a two week vacation starting Tuesday. Help!

Lesson for today: Don't try to sneak donuts around the boy. He can sense them, and will then demand them--with emphasized articulation so that there is no mistake. Result: two teeny donut bites and two hours of Crazy Boy.

Spent the afternoon hiking with three friends and seven small children. We explored some local caves and yelled at the kids a lot--they wanted to see for themselves whether or not each cliff face was really as steep as we told them it was. Leelo was all over the caves, and completely understood my command to "watch your noggin!" (In spots the caves are less than 3 feet high.) He kept crouching down and then glancing up at the cave ceiling to make sure it was still a safe distance away.

I love Isobel dearly but she really is a little shit. I am worried that she is edging into brat territory--she doesn't mind other adults' requests, and talks back to them all if that's how she feels. Honestly, some times I just want to thwack her on the head and scream "because I'm your mommy and I fucking say so and you WILL LISTEN TO ME!!!" Dearest G-spot is here from Indiana with husband S and wee girl E, who at one year younger than Iz is remarkably more polite than our girl. E is sibling-free; makes me wonder if Iz would be a better listener and less of a twit if I was able to give her "ALL the attention." Sometimes I really do wonder if a 21-month spread is ill-advised (not that we planned it that way, but if we DID).

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