Love that Likker

One of those days. Bolted at the first chance and had a stiff drink (stiff for this lightweight, anyhow). By myself. The ingredients for said drink will never materialize in my house, lest I become a sloshy I love you sweetie darling give mommy a hug afternoon tippler mom.

Iz was being a true live horror (oh, you're on the phone? I will pee all over this stool while telling you that I am having an 'accident') and I just had to leave. Apparently she was then a happy girl for the world's best babysitter, CS. Maybe Iz is taxed--Teacher A mentioned that Iz somehow skipped a typical six-month figuring-out-reading period (?), so perhaps her brain is running too hot. I will get her some popsicles tomorrow.

Possible results of new diets/supplements: Leelo is calling people by their names without prompts, and running up to them with requests and hugs. Magnificent eye contact, although still only when he initiates it. A whole lot more purposeful play (mostly acting out Teletubbies episodes). Another side effect: no poop in over a day. He's usually a multi-event boy. Uh-oh.

Seymour is out playing chess with bud LM. I hope he returns before the dam breaks.

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