Marvellous news: Therapist L starts Tomorrow! Bless her, bless the powers that be, bless everyone! Me: Exhaling in a big way! Unclenching buttocks!!

Had faboo time in Santa Carla. Folks there lo-ove their hippie peacenik bumperstickers; knowing that we had found a nest of liberal do-gooders made me feel all warm and cozy. Then we would drive by blocks of crappy-assed shacks and I would wonder if the bumperstickerers pretend such neighborhoods don't exist, like their dopplegangers here do. But I suspect that Santa Carlans have hearts as well as pocketbooks, and provide services galore. Doesn't mean the folks they're targeting want to use said services, though.

I loved frolicking on the beach. I loved hanging out with my buds, especially LH who let me leave my brain on the curb and follow her around like a puppy. I loved watching the Dance Dance Revolution Extreme freaks. I loved winding our way back up the coast, even though I couldn't find the proper trailhead for Franklin Point and dragged my poor companion along adjacent bluffs and coves instead.

I would like to know who cursed me, as my wishes so often come true these days--but only literally, and in fucked up ways. For instance, my two heart's desires for the Santa Carla weekend were that I wouldn't have to drive all the time, and that we'd get some quiet time to just hang and read. And lo: just after our arrival I smashed my thumb in the car door, meaning that talented nursemaid LH took over the wheel, and that we got to hang out in a hushed clinic waiting room for an hour when we were supposed to be out rollicking. So, despite the sheer sausageness of my thumb, which made holding my silly book a mite difficult, much reading was had. Additional examples: this past spring I was ovewhelmed and wrecked and desperate for a break. So, I got laid out with pneumonia for two weeks. Two years ago, I was worried about Leelo being a 'typical' boy--something that as the sister of three sports-obsessed brothers who used to blow lizards up with firecrackers I wasn't all that interested in--and look, Leelo's surely not a typical boy. Cursed.

Curse suspects: Ex-boyfriend GC or his mother. Possibly some poor child that I tortured in grade school? Who else would bother, really.

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