No Sugar For You!

Today the first really big axe fell. We are formally on an anti-yeast regimen. I have read that this makes kids go ballistic when the yeasties die off and flood the body with mood-altering toxins. Therapist F, who left for a two-week vacation yesterday, was delighted to hear that we didn't have time to start the anti-yeast deal before she left--I suspect she's witnessed this program before and prefers to be on the other side of the Pacific Ocean for the truly nasty bits.

As of today Leelo is taking the following supplements/meds:

Nystatin 2x/day
Diflucan 1x/day
DGST 3x/day
Nutribiotic 1x/day
Lactobaccilus 1x/day

He is also totally off sugar (which means, for instance, that I got to spend a good part of our morning meal picking the raisins out of his non-dairy no-sugar power roll). Woo-hoo! No jam, no cookies, ketchup is teetering on the edge of acceptability except as camoflauge.

Here's the official nyah-nyah, you can't have it list as of today:

Sugar/sugar substitutes

So far the things that are OK for Leelo to eat on his fully implemented diet (i.e., all the above plus gluten) and that he will eat are:

Almond Butter
Pear Juice
365 Chips--sometimes
French Fries--sometimes
Dried Blueberries--sometimes

Oh, wait--holy shmolies, he just ate some of that god-awful GFCF rice bread from Whole Foods! So there's that.

You see why we're loathe to give up the gluten.

Today I intend to experiment with refried beans. The boy can eat meat, even though he has always refused to do so, and I have yet to meet a human being who can refuse homemade, bacon-greasey refried beans (except Ep, who is the only truly dedicated yet not bombastic veg-head I've ever met).

I believe I have reached the 'acceptance' stage of transitioning to this diet and think it'll be OK. I just hate having complex inflexible constant scheduling. One of the reasons I chose to stay home with the sprogs--I don't deal well with external impositions on my time.

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