G-spot and crew left today. The moping will commence. And not just because G-spot's partner S showed me how to reconvert my futon back to a couch for the first time since we bought it last year. I miss wee girl E's singing already. Why can't they live close by? I want those damn transporters in place NOW. After they left Iz settled down and became her regular self again. Perhaps the two-week whirlwind of training/houseguests/babysitting was as draining for her as it was for me.

Therapist L hasn't called back yet. I don't understand--she wrote me back Wednesday evening and said she was interested in the position, and just had to check to see if the hours were compatible. I wrote her back immediately, waited/fretted all day yesterday, and finally placed a voice mail this morning. Nothing yet. Is she punishing us for not hiring her during the first round? If there wasn't the welfare of an autistic child in question I wouldn't mind so much. This makes me think more about Therapist E's bailing on us mid-training and how fucked up that was--but again, she was very young and probably doesn't realize how unethical it was. Or, perhaps she used her two work sessions to pilfer our financial records. Maybe I should go check my bank balance.

At any rate, if Therapist L isn't going to work for us I need to know NOW so I can look elsewhere ASAP.

Leelo is having a good day today, so far. I've been trying to make the living room/playroom/only common room less chaotic as per Seymour's request, and so put all the stuffed animals away in a new storage bench. Iz already managed to stuff it so full that opening it is problematic. Leelo was unable to retrieve his toy of choice, and so came running up to me, demanding "I want Laa-laa!" with excellent eye contact. He's also been doing some imaginative play today, putting two Teletubbies on the couch with pillow and blankets, and then announcing to me "sleeping!"

Dietarily, the new program and his self-imposed limits within it have led to GI distress. He's had a week of diarrhea, and it doesn't seem to be getting better. With the exception of Wednesday's guacamole, he's eaten only breads, cheerios, bananas, and nut butters all week. And diluted pear juice (which Therapist F says is a tremendously successful reinforcer for his discrete trials, so there's one new-diet hurdle covered. I was thinking there would be NO foods he would like enough to use as reinforcers under the new diet program).

Have added mind-blowingly addictive Strip Mining blog to must-read list.

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