Funny--although I'm a blogging newbie, it didn't take me long to figure out that most blogs are crap, crap, crap ("you think?" says the person slogging through this entry). Still, I am hooked on the brilliant rants and pronouncements of Badgerbag and I, Asshole and check them both several times a day. This is much easier than attending to housework or the mountain of autism books and tasks I'm supposed to tackle. Some people have reality TV. I used to have Buffy. Now, when I want to take off my head and wear someone else's for a while, I have these two blogs.

Only problem is that I've got badgerbag bookmarked next to The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins, sung by Leonard Nimoy. So, half the time I'm greeted with a balladeering Mr. Spock and his inexplicable squadron of pro-Hobbit cheerleaders instead of the latest spoutings of geeklizzard. Sigh.

Leelo had a rough time last night--up most of the night crying inconsolably and then refusing to eat breakfast this morning. I think it's because we've started the transition to his new CF/GF/EverythingF diet by eliminating dairy and his beloved peanut butter, so he's been getting his toast with almond butter instead. He is not pleased. But hey, buddy, neither are we. Sorry.

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