Great. Scabby the cat is barfing all over the kitchen floor. This is preferable to her barfing on the bedroom carpet in secrecy and me stepping on it barefoot and in the dark, but only just. And it's still preferable to walking/scooping up after a smelly slobbery dog.

Leelo was spaced-out boy yesterday. Nuttiness episodes were noticeable, and even commented on by friends. Goddammit. Is he just warped from lack of calories/refusing to eat any of the crappy crap we're trying to feed him? Finally experiencing a yeast die-off? Reacting to the gluten I let him have two days ago? He is tired, tired, tired and sad, sad, sad. Today he seems a bit more focused and clear-headed.

He is a stubborn little man. Refusing to give greetings that he knows perfectly well. Is he bored? Therapist L is almost done with her training and Therapist F will be back next Wednesday; the fully outfitted version of his ABA program will then start in earnest and he won't have the time to consider his lack of options.

ABA sessions with Iz home (afternoons) are not fun. She does not like being stuck downstairs and I don't like arguing with her about it. Going to get that damn yurt. I am not kidding.

Cousin-in-law F is home and on the mend. Still weak from blood loss. He has an extended, loving family at home and couldn't be in better recovery circumstances. Plus his son can run the shop during the convalescence.

Re-read the last whiny, bitchy, wallow-y post. Come to think of it, I have it pretty good compared to the group of friends/moms I ran into at the park on Monday. One recovered from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma between the births of her two small children (the oldest is 4 1/2). Another has a child with anaphylactic-grade food allergies. Still another's child is also going through ABA therapy, but in this case the mom had to compromise her career/identity to stay home and make it all happen. A fourth recovered from uterine cancer before she had her kids, and now has a husband whose work contract specifies no fewer than 50 hours per week--she and her kids never see him (oh, wait, she didn't get to come because her oldest contracted a mystery barfing bug). A fifth has a husband who just got laid off from a niche field, and whose employment opportunities seem to be limited to Finland or Sweden. And there's KV from the last post, who at this point considers herself a single mom. All these people are perfectly functional, socially, so what the fark is my deal? Some of them are introverts, too, so that's not an excuse.

Uh, we're doing great! Just fine.

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