Cashew butter! Leelo seems to be okay with it. Crossed fingers. We are off dairy too as of yesterday.

We had lunch at Leelo's favorite Indian restaurant, so he could have his beloved naan bread one last time. (We bid farewell to lassis last week).

Therapist F reported that his eye contact was fabulous during this morning's session, but that he's still very resistant to following directions, even for things he knows damn well. Sigh. Stubborn boy. This means that for today, our first session in tracking his progress in discrete trials, we have mostly negative marks.

Iz and Leelo got haircuts yesterday for the first time in far too long (whenever Leelo's hair got wet, his curls de-sproinged and covered his eyes. Isobel had visibility issues too). I prefer shaggier children, but tidier is probably cooler for these last few weeks of summer.

The kids are watching The Tweenies. Harmless programming, cute songs that Leelo ends up singing, and giant puppet faces that give me the creeps. I can't look at them. Reminds me of the creature in Stephen King's The Library Policeman. Seymour prescreened the one episode we have on TiVo so I wouldn't have to bear them. I am next to the kids but facing away from the TV screen. Now I can see the frantic fish in the dirty aquarium that she out grew long, long ago (9 months ago she was one quarter this size). Poor Whitey. Maybe if I feed her she'll stop staring at me? Works with the cats.

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