Help Me, Obi Wan Kenobi

Isobel and I are hiding downstairs while Leelo and Therapist L conduct their first-ever extended session of 3.5 hours.

Iz has discovered my old Princess Leia doll, so I have spent the last while valiantly trying to recreate hairstyles from the doll's box, e.g., Solar Swirls and Lunar Loops (I suck with the hair creativity, which is why I sport the ol' Wash, Comb, & Go). Who the hell were these doll stylists, I'd like to know? They must have made a special thick-haired styling doll for the box shots, since the moment you try to separate any part of our doll's hair, you get patches of bare plastic scalp and she looks all mangey. Overall, though, our hero is in great shape and has brushable, glossy hair. Not like poor old Jaime Sommers, whose hair is one big matty tangle and whose rubbery bionic parts skin overlays have long since powderized. Hard to believe they were both made by Kenner.

Uh-oh, now Iz is singing a song called "Jaime Sommers Has No Arms."

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