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Leelo Rosenberg Test Results and Game Plan
Based on analyses conducted on hair, blood, urine, and stool between 6/23 and 7/9/2003

Leelo’s tests indicate problems in the following areas.:
· Heavy metals abnormalities:
o High tin levels
o Skewed copper/zinc ratio
o Low mercury levels in hair/mercury not being excreted
· Abnormal E. Coli (bacterial) growth in intestine
· Yeast overgrowth in gut (candidal enteritis)
· Signs of inflammation in gut, leaky gut/intestine
· Acid Ph in gut = poor digestion
· Low Glutathione
· Multiple food sensitivites

Game Plan

1) Get Yeast Down
· Remove sugar and sugar substitutes from diet.
· Low-sugar fruits are tolerable
· Avoid antibiotics
· Drug/Supplement therapy:
o Diflucan for 10 days
o Nystatin: until told to stop
o Lactobaccillus: 1 capsule each morning on empty stomach
o Nutribiotic: 1/drop/day 1st week, 2 drops/day 2nd week, 3 drops/day 3rd week, continue 3 drops/day through 8 weeks
o DGST: ½ tsp at beginning of each meal, mixed with juice/water or sprinkled on food

2) Modify Diet:
· Remove:
o Sugar/sugar substitutes
o Chocolate
o Lentil
o Peanuts
o Gluten
o Oats
o Rye
o Wheat
o Soy
o Dairy
o Eggs
o Oranges/citrus
o Bananas
o Blueberries
· Rotate foods to avoid creating additional allergies
· Consider Hemp Seeds as protein source (order online f/Canada)

3) Prep for intensive supplement therapy via Bioset
· Read: The Food Allergy Cure by Ellen Cutler to see if Bioset/Accupressure is acceptable option (Dr. Prattle indicates it has 80-90% success rate)
· Bioset practitioner will determine which of the following supplements can be tolerated. START TOLERATED SUPPLEMENTS IMMEDIATELY! Start others once desensitization is achieved.

4) Supplements:

B6 200 mg capsule 1x day w/food
MG/K aspartate 1 tablet 1x day w/food
Zinc w/o copper 1 capsule 1x day w/food
Ascorbic Acid/Vit. C 1 capsule 2x day w/food
Folid acid ½ capsule 1x day w/food
Selenium 1 capsule 1x day w/food
Cod Liver Oil ½ tsp 1x day Mix with half/half juice
DMSA 1 capsule ??? ??? whoops, confirm dosages
Magnes'm Glycinate ½ tsp 1x day w/food
DMG 1 capsule 1x day w/food
B12 1 injection 2x/week 30 degree angle

At the first sign of illness:
· NO ADVIL OR MOTRIN—too irritating for already fragile GI tract
· NO ANTIBIOTICS—exacerbate yeast imbalance
· Manapol 5–6 day course (use with Mycoimmune):
o Twice each day: 4 capsules mixed w/ 1 oz each juice and water
o Causes fever to 102°F. Mitigate fever w/sponge bath. Fever over 102°F requires Tylenol, call to Dr. Prattle
· Mycoimmune 5–6 day course:
o 3x each day: ½ dropperful

To Do as of 8/2/03
· Place/pick up Nystatin/Diflucan Rx
· Read Cutler’s Food Allergy cure
· Call Dr. Prattle’s office to:
o Schedule visit near September 1st
o Order Folic Acid
o Get Bioset practitioner recommendation
· Plumb Special Diets for Special Kids for recipes
· Set up diet plan, go shopping!! Yee-ha!
· Whole Foods/Apple Foods
o Manapol capsules
o Various food items for special diet, above
· Call Kirkman Labs 1-800-245-8282
o Cod Liver Oil item 228-8
o Magnesium Glycinate item 259-4
o DMG item 020-250
o DMSA – fax prescription 1 (503) 682-0838

Questions/Confirmations for Dr. Prattle:
· How are we providing calcium?
· What types of fruit qualify as “low sugar?” Which juices?.
· How long do we use Lactobaccillus?
· Reconfirm proper dosage for DMSA: 1 50 mg capsule how frequently? With food?

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